Discover Web Accessibility

Now is absolutely the time to be doing better in digital. Everyone is relying more on the web, so now is the time to up our game.

Discover web accessibility with Discoverly, a place to learn about accessibility through online training and access to expert consulting services.

Web Accessibility Training

We are almost ready to launch our accessibility training courses and workshop content online, and are super busy building our content into an online learning platform.

This is what we are working on -

  • Workshops (live)
  • Webinars (pre-recorded)
  • Courses
  • Downloads

Web accessibility Consulting

Discoverly can support your team or project with our expert consulting - having a knowledgable and experienced consultant to call on helps build knowledge and confidence.

Our consulting options include -

  • Training and Workshops
  • Ongoing support
  • Auditing and Evaluation
  • Outsourcing


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