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How did we get into this mess?

Now is absolutely the time to be doing better in digital. The way we live and do business has shifted, the real-world channels where we have previously engaged our customers have been paused or simply turned off. Everyone is relying more on digital, so now is the time to up our game - and really think about who we are designing for.

If we aren’t thinking of all of the people who will use our digital products - their diversity, their different abilities, situations, backgrounds, literacy levels, age, access to technology (the list goes on) - then what are we doing? Who are we designing for?

What we would like to see – and the approach we like to take with clients – is that web accessibility (or inclusive design) should be a key principle adopted in decision making throughout the entire design cycle, and that users with varied and limited abilities should always be included.


Web accessibility consulting

Discoverly director Chris Burke is a senior digital consultant with a wealth of experience and holistic approach to delivering digital products for clients across various sectors including banking, retail, NFP, government, education, health and startups - Chris’s key strengths are in business analysis, digital transformation, leadership, scaled agile, user experience and web accessibility.

Chris is a director on the board of the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA), has been a past Australian Web Awards Judge (accessibility), has recently led the overhaul of the Awards judging structure and was the judging chair for 2021.

Chris is well established in the discipline of web accessibility, regularly speaking, publishing content, delivering training, and consulting, and has recently launched Discoverly (Discover Accessibility), a platform offering web accessibility training and consulting.

Read more and connect with Chris on LinkedIn here.

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