Web Accessibility Consulting

Discoverly can support your team or project with our expert consulting - having a knowledgable and experienced consultant to call on and work hands on with your team helps build knowledge and confidence. Below are some of the Discoverly consulting options -

Training and Workshops

Key to the Discoverly approach to web accessibility is starting with knowledge and learning - we offer a range of training courses and workshop options as outlined on our training page.


Ongoing support

In our experience, the quickest way to bring your team's working knowledge and confidence around web accessibility up, is to engage an expert for ongoing support. This means having someone from our team (sometimes called a sponsor, champion, advocate) onboard to attend meetings and discussions, bring our experience and advice, and champion accessibility through inclusive design. We usually support clients through either -

  • Monthly retainer (buy a set number of hours or days per month), or
  • Blocks of hours, eg. 50 hrs / 100 hrs - and you 'spend' the hour as you go.


Auditing and Evaluation

Of course, Discoverly can help with web accessibility auditing and evelauation. Auditing is a specific skill set that your team may not be confident with, so we are here to help. Audits vary in size and detail, but are super valuable as a way to take stock of where you are at - and mean that you can make informed decisions about 'where to from here?'



There are often areas of web accessibility that you may not want (or be able) to tackle internally, and Discoverly can help - two areas that often come up are accessible PDFs, and accessible video content. Building accessible PDFs, PDF remediation, building accessible video content and other specialist work can all be outsourced to Discoverly.



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