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Navigating web accessibility can be tricky, so let’s do it together. We offer training, consulting and support based in Melbourne and Sydney, and work with clients all over Australia.

Why web accessibility matters

Now is absolutely the time to be doing better in digital. The way we live and do business has shifted, and the real-world channels where we have previously engaged our customers have been paused or simply turned off. Everyone is relying more on digital, so now is the time to up our game – and really think about who we are designing for.

If we aren’t thinking of all of the people who will use our digital products – their diversity, their different abilities, situations, backgrounds, literacy levels, age, and access to technology (the list goes on) – then what are we doing? Who are we designing for?

What we would like to see – and the approach we like to take with clients – is that web accessibility (or inclusive design) should be a key principle adopted in decision-making throughout the entire design cycle, and that users with varied and limited abilities should always be included in the process.

Let’s do better in digital, together – join us and come along for the journey.

Making a start with web accessibility doesn’t need to be complicated or too restrictive. In fact, just applying some basic principals could greatly improve the accessibility of your website.

When you work with the Discoverly team, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of web accessibility and what it practically looks like out there, in the real world.

That way you’ll feel more empowered to make better decisions, build better digital products and advocate for the people on the other side of your screen.

Team having a discussion in a meting room
Team having a discussion in a meeting room

Our Approach.

At Discoverly, we take a different approach to other accessibility brands. We put YOU first to figure out where you’re at and what you need.

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Step 1


To begin, you’ll have an in-depth conversation with our Director and principal consultant, Chris Burke. He’ll ask key questions to find out where you’re at in your web accessibility journey – and where you (and your team) need to go next.

Step 2


Empowering you with the right know-how is a big part of our mission. We’ll take you through our introductory training, then if you need extra support, expertise or implementation, we’ll make it happen.

Step 3


Whether you’re looking to upskill your team in web accessibility, need a little extra hand-holding in the design process, or don’t know where to start – we can help. We can train, consult, audit and support you, getting to know you on the ground.

Step 4


For larger scale projects when you’re short on time (or resources), we can implement any web accessibility requirements so you don’t get held up. From rebuilding PDFs to captioning videos, we can take a bird’s eye view over your work and get it up to speed.

Our team

Discoverly is founded by senior digital consultant Chris Burke. After more than a decade in the creative and digital industries, he calls on his deep knowledge of business analysis, digital transformation, leadership, scaled agile, user experience and web accessibility altogether to bring Discoverly to life.

Black and white profile photo of Discoverly Director, Chris Burke

Chris Burke

Director of Discoverly

Chris’ holistic approach to delivering accessible digital products has brought success to clients across various sectors.

While Chris’ first passion is inclusive design, he’s quickly becoming known as an advocate for web accessibility in digital. He’s a Director on the board of the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA), a regular accessibility judge and previous judging chair at the Australian Web Awards, and is frequently asked to speak and present on web accessibility at industry events.

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