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The phrase ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ rings true when it comes to web accessibility – don’t let a gap in your knowledge stop you from building better digital products and services.

Key to the Discoverly approach to web accessibility is starting with knowledge and learning – we offer a range of value-packed training workshops and educational activities as outlined on this page.

Learn, apply and grow with our web accessibility training

Our approach to web accessibility is grounded in knowledge and learning. All of our training workshops and educational activities are designed to meet you and your team where you’re at, building your skills effectively and efficiently.

Whether you’re a product lead looking to upskill your team, or a marketing manager wanting to boost your knowledge in digital, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range of workshops and activities below.

Workshop attendees with stage lighting
Workshop attendees with stage lighting

Training workshops

When you’re learning something new, getting hands-on is a great way to make sure your knowledge sticks. Our workshops take the mystery out of web accessibility and turn it into something practical – it’s not just about ‘ticking all the boxes’, but also about building empathy for people of all abilities.

Not sure where to start? ‘The inaccessible web’ and ‘The tool is not the test’ workshops are a great foundation. They’re aimed at giving you a good understanding of the key concepts of web accessibility, designed to get you and your team thinking and discussing, and to build empathy around the topic.

The inaccessible web

Join us for this three hour group training workshop where we introduce and unpack the topic of web accessibility and get you thinking about users with diverse abilities, skills and situations.
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The tool is not the test

This three hour group training workshop follows on from The inaccessible web, and aims to give more in-depth and advanced knowledge of web accessibility.
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Web accessibility for decision-makers

In this bumber web accessibility workshop aimed specifically at leadership and decision-makers – we cover the basics and then dive into web accessibility strategy, policy, requirements, procurement, the business case and benefits.
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Building accessible learning content

In our newest workshop, you will gain specialist knowledge around how to plan, design, build and test for more accessible learning course content in your Learning Management System (LMS).
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Accessible document authoring

PDFs and other document formats are often a sticking point for organisations and need specialist knowledge not covered in our other workshops.
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Educational activities

Discoverly also offer a range of upskilling and awareness activities that you and your team can enjoy. Some examples include –

  • Recurring topical presentations (eg. lunch n learn sessions) can help the team work through topics that are relevant.
  • Organisation-wide accessibility related activities aimed at increasing awareness and insight into the various situations and limitations digital users face – think keyboard only (no mouse) day or distributing misconceptions awareness conversation starter cards.

Ask us about what activities might suit your team and where you’re at.

Speaking engagements

Are you hosting a digital event, conference or webinar and need an expert to present on web accessibility?

You can book Discoverly’s Director, Chris Burke, to be your next keynote speaker.

Chris has led workshops with some of Australia’s leading brands, like Kmart and Bunnings, as well as spoken at key industry events.

Your web accessibility journey starts… now.

If you’re not sure where to begin, Discoverly can help. We know how overwhelming it can be, but we can be there to clear a path forward through the digital jungle.

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