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When working on a digital project, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Plus, you’ll likely miss what you’re not looking for, too. Let Discoverly work alongside your team and support their best work by using our expertise to guide your next project.

Guidance, advice and hands-on web accessibility support

Let us be your ‘accessibility champion’. We’ll attend team meetings, lead robust discussions around inclusive design and be there to troubleshoot accessibility issues as they come to the surface.

You can choose to work with us in two ways: either via a block of hours (to use as you go), or ongoing monthly support (set hours or days each month).

Man standing, speaking in front of team
Man standing, speaking in front of team

Auditing, evaluation and reviews

Of course, Discoverly can help with web accessibility auditing and evaluation. Auditing is a specific skill set that your team may not be confident with, so we are here to help.

Audits vary in size and detail, but are super valuable as a way to take stock of where you are at – and mean that you can make informed decisions about ‘where to from here?’

The discipline of accessibility

Setting you and your team up for success with web accessibility can take many forms, but in our experience, there are two key areas that fall under what we refer to as setting up ‘the discipline of accessibility’ in your organisation.

Setup and support

The ‘accessibility discipline’ needs to be set up and supported (at least initially) by Discoverly. This should include –

  • Discovery into your organisation’s ways of working, eg understanding existing processes, documentation, the definition of done, testing and QA, and so on
  • The introduction of the ‘accessibility champions’ model – accessibility champions should be a select group of enthusiastic team members who can work closely with Discoverly to help drive and support accessibility into the rest of your organisation
  • Ongoing support to incrementally improve ways of working, documentation, the definition of done, testing and auditing, and
  • Empowering and supporting the champions to own and police the discipline of accessibility in your organisation

Policy and strategy

The types of activities we can help with around setting up accessibility policy and strategy in your organisation include (in our experience) –

  • Forming a working group with the accessibility champions and key leadership / stakeholders to –
    • Identify opportunities for accessibility policy, particularly important are –
      • Defining the definition of done and the QA process
      • Defining which policies, eg. procurement
    • Draft accessibility policy/s
    • Identify milestones and form an accessibility roadmap (incl success criteria, timeline, dependencies, etc)
  • The accessibility discipline working group can then own and socialise the accessibility policy and roadmap inside the organisation


Support for where you’re at

Everyone has a different level of experience and exposure to web accessibility (including zero knowledge), especially within a single digital team. If you’re working in a product team, you’ll likely face a diverse set of skills and a patchwork of knowledge when it comes to web accessibility. Our support can bridge those gaps and build your team’s confidence – all while getting great digital work over the line.

In our experience, the quickest way to bring your team’s working knowledge and confidence around web accessibility up, is to engage an expert for ongoing support. This means having someone from our team (sometimes called a sponsor, champion, or advocate) onboard to attend meetings and discussions, bring our experience and advice, and champion accessibility through inclusive design. We usually support clients through either –

  • Monthly retainer (buy a set number of hours or days per month), or
  • Blocks of hours, eg. 50 hrs / 100 hrs – and you ‘spend’ the hour as you go.

Every digital project has its own set of challenges and innovations. It’s why our approach to web accessibility consulting isn’t cookie-cutter or based on just ‘ticking all the boxes’. We’ll adapt our expertise to empower you to make better digital work.

Your web accessibility journey starts… now.

If you’re not sure where to begin, Discoverly can help. We know how overwhelming it can be, but we can be there to clear a path forward through the digital jungle.

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