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Director of Discoverly 6 min read·October 2, 2023

Discoverly is offering 20% off your first invoice if you are following our page on LinkedIn – follow the Discoverly LinkedIn page and read on to see how you can save.

We recently reached a milestone – 500 followers of the Discoverly LinkedIn page. We know, it’s a small milestone, but, we are chuffed that the brand is growing and we are helping more and more clients start their journey and do better with web accessibility.

The offer

We’re keeping it super simple – if you are a new client, and you follow the Discoverly LinkedIn page – you will get 20% off your first invoice.

We don’t want to stop at 500 followers, so we’d love it if you’d share this offer with your colleagues and connections if you think that what we do at Discoverly might help them. Let’s get to 1000 followers, or 2000…

Speaking of which, what do we do at Discoverly? Read on!

Training and Education

Our approach to web accessibility is grounded in Training and Education. All of our training workshops and educational activities are designed to meet you and your team where you’re at, building your skills effectively and efficiently.

Whether you’re a product lead looking to upskill your team, or a marketing manager wanting to boost your knowledge in digital, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range of workshops and activities below.

Most popular, and a great starting point, is this three-hour group training workshop – ‘The inaccessible web’ (an introduction to web accessibility) – where we introduce and unpack the topic of web accessibility and get you thinking about users with diverse abilities, skills and situations.

Following on from that (and we recommend pairing these two together), is another three-hour group training workshop – ‘The tool is not the test’ (how to conduct an accessibility audit) – a more in-depth and advanced look into how to get started with web accessibility (not just testing), including Easy Checks and the WCAG-EM (Evaluation Methodology).

We also enjoy running a range of upskilling and awareness activities that you and your team can participate in, for example:

  • Recurring topical presentations (eg. lunch-n-learn sessions) can help the team work through topics that are relevant
  • Organisation-wide accessibility related activities aimed at increasing awareness and insight into the various situations and limitations digital users face – think keyboard only (no mouse) day or distributing misconceptions awareness conversation starter cards.

Ask us about what activities might suit your team.

Consulting and Support

Everyone has a different level of experience and exposure to web accessibility (including zero knowledge), especially within a single digital team. In our experience, the quickest way to bring your team’s working knowledge and confidence up around web accessibility, is to engage an expert for ongoing Consulting and Support.

This means having someone from our team (sometimes called a sponsor, champion, or advocate) onboard to attend meetings and discussions, bring our experience and advice, and champion accessibility through inclusive design.

There are a number of areas we can offer support to you and your team –

Auditing, evaluation and reviews

Auditing is a specific skill set that your team may not be confident with, so we are here to help. Audits vary in size and detail, but are super valuable as a way to take stock of where you are at – and mean that you can make informed decisions about ‘where to from here?’

The discipline of accessibility

The discipline of accessibility may be new to your organisation – we can help setup and support this. This can look different for every organisation, but here are some points to be thinking about:

  • Discovery into your organisation’s ways of working, eg understanding existing processes, documentation, the definition of done, testing and QA, and so on
  • The introduction of the ‘accessibility champions’ model – accessibility champions should be a select group of enthusiastic team members who can work closely with Discoverly to help drive and support accessibility into the rest of your organisation
  • Ongoing support to incrementally improve ways of working, documentation, the definition of done, testing and auditing, and
  • Empowering and supporting the champions to own and police the discipline of accessibility in your organisation.

Accessibility policy and strategy

Setting up an accessibility policy and/or strategy in your organisation might include (in our experience):

  • Forming a working group with the accessibility champions and key leadership / stakeholders to:
    • Identify opportunities for accessibility policy, particularly important are:
      • Defining the definition of done and the QA process
      • Defining which policies, eg. procurement
    • Draft accessibility policy/s
    • Identify milestones and form an accessibility roadmap (including success criteria, timeline, dependencies, etc)
  • The accessibility discipline working group can then own and socialise the accessibility policy and roadmap inside the organisation.


Ongoing support with Discoverly is usually through either:

  • A monthly retainer (buy a set number of hours or days per month), or
  • Blocks of hours, eg. 50 hrs / 100 hrs – and you ‘spend’ the hours as you go.

Outsourcing and Implementation

When you know your organisation can do better when it comes to web accessibility, but you lack the in-house resources to make real change, you can turn to us.

While our bread and butter is training and education, accessibility auditing and support, you can outsource the web accessibility heavy lifting to us and save your team time and money down the track.

Get on top of accessibility

One of the biggest road blocks to success for any digital transformation project is accessibility. Many of the requirements are time consuming, technical and at volume. So when designers and developers are already at capacity, the last thing they want to see is a list of PDFs that need rebuilding or videos that require captions.

Let’s get this off your plate. We know exactly what accessibility requirements for websites look like and how to make digital products better, drawing from years of experience baking accessibility into our work from the get-go.

Ready to get started?

Three easy steps:

  1. If you haven’t already, head on over to the Discoverly LinkedIn page and follow us today
  2. Contact us to set up a time for us to find out more about how we can help
  3. We will apply the 20% discount offer to you first invoice


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