Accessible document authoring

Join us for this three-hour group training workshop – ‘Accessible document authoring’ – where you will gain specialist knowledge around authoring accessible PDFs and other documents


  • Anyone involved in document authoring – designers, copywriters, marketing and leadership – should complete the Accessible document authoring workshop

  • Workshop tackles how to produce accessible documents (eg. PDFs)

  • A three-hour value packed session with ideal group size of 8-12 people

  • $1950+GST **

Workshop details

Join us for this three-hour group training workshop where we tackle the issues around producing documents that are accessible – it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Who’s it for?

Are you involved in producing documents in your organisation? Have you ‘saved as PDF’ from Word or Google docs? Maybe you already use InDesign to build documents. Or maybe you manage a team that and this sounds familiar – this workshop is for you.

What will we cover?

PDFs and other document formats are often a sticking point for organisations when it comes to accessibility, and need specialist knowledge not covered in other workshops. This workshop includes –

  • The basics – what is a tagged PDF
  • The authoring guidelines (ATAG)
  • Discussion (three examples)
  • Authoring tools and processes
  • Testing (and requirements/testing framework)

What’s the format?

  • This workshop runs for three hours and includes a short break
  • Ideally, a group size of 8-12 people so that –
    • Content can be tailored towards each group
    • More targeted examples
    • More group discussion
  • Workshops can be delivered remotely or onsite

How much will it cost?

This three-hour group workshop is $1950+GST, that’s approximately $195 per person
** A reduced rate of $1800+GST each may apply when booking more than one workshop

Other details

Although not a prerequisite, we suggest attendees complete both The inaccessible web and The tool is not the test workshops for a great foundation before attending this workshop.

Note taking during a workshop
Note taking during a workshop

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