Web Accessibility Training

We are almost ready ** to launch our accessibility training courses online, and are super busy building our course content into an online learning platform. This is what we are working on -

Popular training Topics

The inaccessible web

The first training course (part A) is called 'The inaccessible web' (an introduction to web accessibility). In this course we introduce and unpack the topic of web accessibility and is designed to get you thinking about users with diverse abilities, skills and situations. Here's what's included -

  • Common terminology and key concepts
  • Who web accessibility impacts – physical, cognitive, and situational
  • Accessibility across functionality and content
  • Who’s responsible? (spoiler, it’s all of us)
  • Group discussion and exercises
  • An introduction to assistive technologies
  • Where to start – an accessibility audit
  • How to develop an accessibility strategy
  • How do we get accessibility onto the agenda?

The tool is not the test

The second training session (part B) is called 'The tool is not the test' (how to conduct an accessibility audit). This is useful for a range of people both on the tools and in leadership, to give more in-depth and advanced knowledge of web accessibility (not just about testing). Here's what's included -

  • Authoring -
    • Designing for accessibility
    • Writing for accessibility
    • Developing for accessibility
  • Easy Checks
  • WCAG-EM (Evaluation Methodology)
  • Building the test -
    • Testing tools (and techniques)
    • Assistive tech (screen readers, keyboard navigation)
    • User testing (involving users)
  • Conformance
  • Discussion -
    • Reporting
    • Prioritisation
    • Business case

This pair of training courses are a great foundation - they're aimed at giving a good understanding of the key concepts of web accessibility, get people thinking and discussing, and build empathy around the topic.


Learning formats and options

Workshops (live)

This is a popular format where we present to a small group with discussion and interaction. These will be run on recurring dates (beginning twice a month) for individuals (or groups) to book in to, and we can also do ad-hoc dates as requested.

Webinars (pre-recorded)

This is the same content as a live workshop (slides and voiceover / video), only pre recorded so no discussion / interaction. These will be available for individuals to book and watch whenever suits.


Similar content from the workshop, only setup as chapters / modules (bite size chunks) with a quiz at the end of each section. Can be booked by individuals and completed in their own time.


Slide deck / presentation content downloadable for reading / keeping after one of the above options.


Not sure which option would suit you best?

Here's some more info to help you decide -

  • The above options can be bundled, eg -
    • Participate in a live workshop and then download the deck as well.
    • Participate in a live workshop, then do the course (with quizzes), and then download the deck as well.
  • The courses and live workshops will have a downloadable certificate of completion available afterwards
  • There will be group and membership (recurring) options - so it might be that your organisation would subscribe to a recurring membership for X number of people who can attend the workshops, access the courses and can re sit the courses or attend one of the monthly workshops as a refresher say once a year.



** Check back soon or contact us if you're ready to book in.

Not sure about training or need something different?

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